-2My name is Rev. Lisa Judy and I am an evolving officiant eager to help you convey your feelings for a special ceremony, celebration or memorial…our moments in life!

I offer different levels of ceremonies from as simple as a judge’s chambers to the most elaborate.  The first option is Shotgun services that offer almost no words and mostly paperwork.  The second option is my Complete Ceremonies where you can choose from 13 different sets of vows and the third is Create Your Own where you have literally thousands of passages and the directions to structure your vows your way.  I also have different pricing levels depending on the amount of time on my part.  Please check out my website for pricing information at www.thatsknotall.com

I am very patient, honest, friendly, compassionate, dependable, punctual, flexible, professional and open minded so personal views, spirituality (or not), religious beliefs (or not) and character (flaws or not) are all welcome.  These things make us all unique.

My goal is to assist you in expressing your love for another, fulfill a need that is so relevant in the progression and evolution of life and death and help make the process easier for those involved.  To help you burn bright without burning out!

My objective is to offer support, guidance and choices to help make these life’s expressions easier for you and more memorable for your family, friends and loved ones.  To help you make your dreams come true and to help you express it through words and help you put the “WE” in your wedding.

My Goal – a fuller life for everyone

My Objective – eternal progression

My   Slogan – to live and help live!  Live, laugh, love and most of all learn!

I  want – to be competent, to be proficient, to love our fellow man, to appreciate, to be honest, to be  moral, to live positively, and to be what I profess.