Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. Your wedding portraits among the most important pictures you have taken. It’s important that you choose a reputable, reliable, and highly-skilled wedding photographer ready to create nothing but perfection. A wedding photographer should be a skilled artist who is constantly crafting and improving their skills. Luna Anne is that photographer in the Bellevue and Seattle areas. Our determination to get it perfect for you is unparalleled!

As a photographer:

It’s only natural to want to know a little about the person you are entrusting with such important portraits! ????  I’ve been a professional fine art photographer for many years. I am not just your photographer. I also am your neighbor as a 4th generation Seattle resident!  This is my home, and my reputation as a skilled, professional photographer matters greatly to me.

My training is to your wedding’s benefit:

Over the years I have trained with some of the best portrait artists in the world. I am privately and personally mentored by official photographers for the British royal family, past presidents, dignitaries, and wealthy.  These mentors have elevated and trained me to compete at their level. They keep me continually perfecting my craft, my art, and the quality of my work.

My portrait studio is uniquely qualified to photograph weddings and other portraits because of the extensive and exclusive training and mentoring I have received. That training is passed on to you, the client, and it is to your advantage. It is reflected in the quality of all your portraits.

I am focused on nothing but superior-quality, traditional, and fine art portraits without sacrificing modern styling and fashion influences. I remain current on fashions and trends influencing fine art portraits but without losing sight of the classic and timeless. Outstanding and memorable wedding photography should be a smooth blend of all of these.

Customized fine art wedding photography:

As the client, our photography is customized for your lifestyle, your home, your taste, and style. We bring your vision to life through our photography – that is what great photography is all about.

Your wedding portraits will be a custom piece of fine art that will be enjoyed for generations. Your children and their children will be able to enjoy them in the same condition you will.

As your wedding photographer, I strive to create a memory you will enjoy for decades – a memory that brings to life on canvas the beauty, joy, and love of your wedding. We are sought out by clients who care deeply about the love they are about to share on their wedding day, with their friends and family.  They want to continue to share that love for years to come.

Have questions or want to learn more?  Contact us today for an initial discussion of your wedding.