communicate with your wedding venueCommunication is the KEY to Success!  Knowing how to communicate with your wedding venue will make your planning process smooth and seamless.  At Greenfield Farm and Gardens, THIS is our biggest wedding gift to you!!

When you begin communicating with wedding venues you have interest in pursuing there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Does the venue return your first inquiry in a timely manner?
  • Is the venue accepting of your questions and will spend the time making sure your questions are answered?
  • Is the contract organized and descriptive enough that all parties can be successful?
  • Does the venue make it easy to visit for planning, i.e.,  offers convenient scheduled open houses and is open to visits to accomodate your schedule and that of your support people?
  • If you need something, is the venue readily available and happy to support you?
  • If the venue needs to correct something, is your need addressed quickly?
  • Does the venue encourage you, support you in your creative expression of the use of the venue?
  • Will the venue listen and when asked, share ideas that others have done, weigh creative choices with you?  Does the venue enjoy working with you to make the day about your needs and dreams?
  • Is the venue able and willing to shift gears, to change up for the success of the day?
  • Are there systems in place that support peace of mind, joy, playfulness and allow people to enjoy each other.

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  • Does the venue offer a month out meeting that clarifies set up, the timing of things, who is is responsible for each task?
  • What is the desired plan if it rains?
  • At the end of the evening will there be venue people to help those collecting food and decorations to know what belongs to the venue, what belongs the couple?
  • Does your venue genuinely seem to enjoy their job of supporting you?
  • Is the venue about the experience, the relationships, the people young and old?
  • Does the venue personal seem relaxed and confident?
  • Does the venue have experience; that allows people to relax knowing that everything is taken care of?
  • Does the venue support the other vendors, watch for garbages that needs emptying, watch for unseen things that arise?
  • Does your venue see the last person out? Do they help assure that all tasks are complete and that everything will be secure?

Our goal as your wedding venue is to communicate well and in a way that creates a trusted relationship, and clear goals and expectations for your wedding or event.

Today’s post is from Dawn Greenfield of Greenfield Farm & Gardens. Original post can be read here.