Can you believe The Grand Willow Inn was once a dairy barn? Yep that’s right. This barn was built circa 1920 according to records (actually they weren’t officially keeping records back then and for a while the records showed 1900).

In approximately 1948 the barn and surrounding acreage were divided and sold off. The Reynolds family bought the barn and converted a few floors for both a residence, furniture manufacturing and showroom.

Approx. 1954 the building was bought by the Hank DeGoede family. The DeGoedes were one of the original Dutch families that brought tulips to the Skagit Valley. The family lived in the main barn building that was converted by the Reynolds with the tulip bulb warehouse being operated out of what we call The Carriage Room.

1970 through 2001 many other family/businesses tried to operate out of the old barn. I believe the magnitude of the building was just too overwhelming for those families after the DeGoedes as the building fell in complete disrepair.


We acquired the building in 2001. After we got through the stun and shock of the condition and size of the building we set about getting permits (no easy feat let me tell you) to completely reshape and remodel the 4 floors (yes FOUR floors) to include a Bed and Breakfast and wonderful spaces for all kinds of events as well as being our home.

2004 we opened our doors to our first full year of weddings and other events, and we are thrilled to say the Grand Willow Inn has welcomed many couples here over the past decade for their gorgeous weddings & celebrations!

We began our BNB April of 2015. We’re listed on Pop over and read our reviews! I’ve have the great pleasure of being extensively involved in both the BNB and Wedding side of Connie’s business!