logo-2015 FBMy name is Amber Peterson and I am the owner and lead planner of Cheers Wedding & Event Planning. I officially started my business in 2010, but I have always been an event planner on some level. Growing up I put together all of my families holiday events, I LOVED managing the details of our big parties. In college I volunteered for any position in my sorority that allowed me to be on a committee that worked on recruitment, formal or any major event.

While planning my own wedding in 2003 I kept thinking that this would be the greatest job in the world, planning weddings! After that it was always in the back of my head as a dream but I kept working at what I considered “real” jobs since wedding planning just seemed like a fantasy career. I continued to plan weddings and events for friends and family while going on to receive my masters in Integrated Marketing Communications.

IMG_2508-300x241In 2010 I had my first daughter and decided that I wanted to be at home with her instead of going back to work. At that point it seemed like it was a great time to revisit my dream of being a wedding planner. That is when Cheers Wedding & Event Planning was officially born. I am finally living my passion of helping couples achieve their dream weddings. It is the most fulfilling work I could imagine and it has allowed me to do something I love while spending a lot of time with my family. Win-Win!

I specialize in month of coordination, what that means is that I start working with you 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day. I confirm with all of your vendors, create timelines for the wedding day, run the rehearsal and help with any other details in the two months leading up to the wedding.

Since I have started my business something I have observed is that many couples view a wedding planner as either a luxury item they cannot afford or something that is unnecessary. I have read that it takes the average brides at least 400 hours to plan their weddings. After putting all of the time, effort and money into your day you should be able to enjoy it and not worry about the logistics and what is going on behind the scenes. All couples deserve to sit back and KNOW that your planner has everything under control. You, your family and your guests deserve to enjoy the day stress free. That is what hiring a wedding planner does for you!

In addition to my signature month of coordination package we also offer a kick off meeting for couples who are planning their own wedding and a design planning meeting for those who need some guidance on theme, colors and general decor items.

c-45I work best with couples who are planning their wedding on their own and need a little guidance along the way. I want to be a partner that helps you execute all of your careful plans and create your dream wedding day!

My favorite thing about weddings is the commitment the couple is making to each other, so the couples who will benefit the most from my services are trying to create a special day that celebrates that commitment and the family and friends who are there to celebrate with you.