By Shamay Andrich, Flowers by Shamay

RC-10-e1390440463438Wedding bouquets for 2014 will embrace new color and style trends for the upcoming wedding season!

The Cascade is back in a new way, shape and style. The size and shape capturing each Bride’s style needs for her special day is taken into factor

This modern cascade not only embraces this year style, but the pheasant feathers create a bold and confident feel to this design.

Bouquets in all shapes can be designed in an assortment of Ombre tones. Creating a look where the shades of a color pallet work their way through the design from lighter, medium to dark. You see this color transition in hair, clothing, cake and wedding dress styles.

Yes, the round bouquet shape is still here, but there are a few twists for 2014. New designs will include groupings or clusters of one type of flower and color, combined with additional groupings of other varieties for a beautiful new take on round. Adding “extensions” is a new way to loosen up that tight round look, whether it’s a soft line of foliage, filler flower or ribbon, adding length to the round bouquet adds dimension and drama.

Another re-mix for 2014 is the Bejeweled or Broach bouquet bouquet with a few edits. The broach bouquet was a big hit last year, but they were heavy, costly and had no flowers to offer. This year it’s all about mixing it up. Heirloom broaches, or other jewelry can be added to any floral design. Creating a signature look all of your own.